Transpaco views broad-based BEE as a business imperative.

In 2005 the group concluded a broad-based BEE transaction that resulted in CEPPWAWU Investments acquiring an effective 27% stake in the group. CEPPWAWU Investments is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The CEPPWAWU Development Trust, which in turn benefits the 70 000 members of CEPPWAWU including certain Transpaco staff. Transpaco has been independently rated by an accredited BEE agency. We have achieved a Level 5 rating which will enable our customers to claim 80% of their purchases from Transpaco as preferential procurement.

Affirmative Procurement

Transpaco endeavours to source as much raw material as possible from the informal sector for its Recycling Division. In line with this policy the Recycling Division is assisting in setting up buy-back centres where people from disadvantaged communities can sell material they have collected for recycling.

The group further has a formal procurement policy in respect of discretionary spend which requires operations to secure products and services from black-owned and managed enterprises as far as is commercially viable.

Two of Transpaco’s largest suppliers, Sasol and Safripol, are currently finalising empowerment deals which will assist in achieving the group’s affirmative procurement targets.
The Managing Director of each operation is mandated to provide a monthly report on progress against targets in this respect.

Employment Equity

The group is committed to non-discriminatory employment practices that recognise and reward initiative, effort and merit across the board while at the same time prioritising the advancement of black staff.

As set out in the formal recruitment policy, Transpaco seeks to recruit and promote internally, with the appointment of black staff taking precedence. Transpaco is pleased to report that the majority of factory management is currently made up of black staff. Staff turnover year-on-year remains negligible, reflecting the group’s commitment to its employees.

Transpaco has employment equity targets in place and submits the reports to the relevant authorities. All of the group’s subsidiaries have employment equity committees which monitor adherence to targets and provide employees with information on the group’s employment equity policies.

Download BBBEE Certificate and annexure 29 April 2016 – 28 April 2017

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