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17 August 2011


Why develop 7 Layer Cast Film featuring a “Plywood Effect”.
  1. Superior Puncture Resistance.
  2. Increase in Holding Strength of Film.
  3. Increase in the ELMENDORF TEAR* properties.
  4. Down Gauging keeping the same Mechanical Characteristics.
  5. Maximizes the use of more expensive resins for Power and Superpower Stretch films in a more cost effective manner and maximizes the Plywood Effect
  6. More extruders targeting the output provides for less Degradation of Material.
  7. Materials are not blended resulting in more Uniformity and Consistency in Material Output.

* A manner and system of testing the tear strength of paper and board deployed for the use in testing Plastic Materials.
Ask these questions and get in touch with Transpaco Specialized Films for Discussion and Resolution.
  1. Should we be using Multiple 7 Layer ?
  2. Should we be using the more expensive Octane based LLDPE and Metalocene Resin for the Power and Superpower Films.
  3. Should we be using a thinner film?
  4. Should we be using one sided cling?
  5. Is the Film or the Equipment causing breakages?

Why buy your product from TRANSPACO SPECIALIZED FILMS?
  1. High Quality Manufacturer
  2. ISO Certification
  3. Unmatched Trained Sales Staff to Develop Solutions
  4. Bringing New Products to the Market
  5. Committed to the Industry
  6. Impressive Length of Tenure in the Industry
  7. Superior Manufacturing Capabilities and Technical Expertise
  8. State of the Art Machinery Equipment and Systems.

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