Transpaco And The Environment

Transpaco’s activities are primarily in areas of environmental concern. We are committed to the protection of the environment and dedicated to the conservation and re-use of natural resources. We wholeheartedly support any realistic initiative by government to alleviate the problem of litter in South Africa. Litter is a major source of concern to be resolved by all South Africans.

The cause of litter is people’s behaviour and the lack of solid waste management. The banning of plastic bags will not solve the problem, as carriers represent a minor part of litter and solid waste.

It is well documented that plastic is the most environmentally friendly packaging material available, if disposed of correctly.

One must evaluate the effect a product has on the environment from the start of the production process to the final disposal of a finished product and not make an assessment based on the indiscriminate and incorrect disposal of that product.

In finding a solution, we need to establish a long-term sustainable demand for products manufactured from recycled post consumer waste.

A culture of anti-littering and recycling must be encouraged in South Africa. Transpaco is ideally positioned to take advantage of the increased awareness of and need for recycling. There is co-operation between the plastics industry, government and retailers in the establishment of national recycling campaigns.

Transpaco has all the components to lead this initiative. It is the only company in South Africa capable of facilitating the complete life-cycle of plastic.
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